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artist titles condition comments cover release EURO
       AVANTÉS baby go / beginning's end 'go' lk. vg-/vg, pl. vg
'end' lk. vg-, pl. vg-/vg
tiny sticker / rw / wol   usa avant 2713 595
    BACARDIS don't sell yourself / this time 'don't' vg g45 legends list #21 / ring wear   usa midgard 203 1395
       BEAUS OF BEETHOVEN it's too late / goin' away mint- wol   usa sound-pro studio 1014 350
    BEAUTIFUL DAZE city jungle part 1 / part 2 mint- promo   usa rpr 101 100
    BEDLAM FOUR hydrogen atom / watch it baby 'atom' lk. vg+, pl. ex     usa armada 001 895
    BEER some kinda rich girl / anymore 'some' lk. vg, pl. better g45 legends list #20   usa sgt. golden / ara 13169 2995
    BEL-AIRES ya ha be be / if you love me ex     usa discotheque 1004 250
    BENDERS can't tame me / got me down 'tame' vg tiny initials ol picture cover /  mint- usa big sound 815N-3006 1495
    BOBBY RUNNEL'S FAUX PAS true love - heartaches / black cloud 'true' lk. vg/vg, pl. vg+     usa faux pas 21132 325
BOTUMLES PIT / SUEDES 13 stories high / my girl '13' ex g45 legends list #24 usa psychadelic 45-113 2250
    BOYS you deceived me / when i think 'you' ex
'when' vg+/ex
    usa emcee 016 450
    BUZZSAW / LEMON DROPS live in the springtime / i can make you happy 'live' vg/vg+ 'springtime' - version with drums, etc., 1972 stereo mix   usa rci 8000 150
    BYRON AND THE MORTALS do you believe me / music 'do' vg+/ex writing in the dead wax   usa xpreshun 2 350
    CAPTAIN CRUNCH AND THE CREW nowdays people / girl such as you 'nowdays' vg- wol / stol / medium warp   usa wildwood 100 265
CARAVELLES lovin' just my style / self-service 'lovin' mint- wlp usa onacrest 502 175
       CARETAKERS OF DECEPTION cuttin' grass / x + y = 13 'cuttin' vg+
'13' vg/vg+
little bit glue around center hole   usa sanctus ss-11 1195
  CHAIN REACTION when i needed you / the sun 'when' vg+/ex with pre-AEROSMITH Steven Tyler / radio promo / wol   usa date 2-1538 110
    CHOAB why am i alone? / i'm not your steppin' stone 'why' vg+/ex little lrw / sticker removed   usa qq 224 695
    CHOSEN FEW FROM ST. MICHAELS get it on life / j t b 'get' ex g45 legends list #9   usa take over l-151 3500
    CHRIS STEVENSON AND THE EM-TEE'S / ROGER SAUNDERS little girl / belle, the belle of the ball 'little' vg+     usa b & 4 rec. 817b-3384 375
    CIRKIT yesterday we laughed / i was wrong 'yesterday' ex light label wear at center hole picture cover / vg+ / 2,5 cm left seam split usa unicorn 34941 995
    CLEAR BLUE SKY morning of creation / ugly girl 'morning' ex date stamp, hardly visible   usa romat 1005 265
    CLUE bad times / she's the reason 'bad' ex     usa byron 101 295
    CONTINENTALS i'm gone / blue moments 'gone' ex/mint-     usa gaylo 124 650
       CORDELLS love is where it is / you do a thing to my mind 45 lk. ex
'love' pl. vg
'love' pl. clean except 5 mild clicks due to a tiny press flaw   usa steel town sound 7423 35
    CORPORATE IMAGE not fade away / i'm not the same 'not' ex/mint- dh   usa mgm 13614 30
       COUNTDOWN 5 uncle kirby / speculation vg+ to ex dh   usa cinema 10 95
   CRAIG i must be mad / dancing down in new orleans vg+ to ex picture cover / vg / 3 cm bottom split / small split in yellow circle / flip small woc germany hansa 19 264 350
    CRAIG i must be mad / suspense mint- dh   usa fontana 1579 195
    CREATION'S DISCIPLE psychedelic retraction / i'll remember 'psychedelic' ex red vinyl / wlp   usa dawn 309 450
    DAYBREAKERS psychedelic siren / afterthoughts mint-     usa dial 45-4066 165
       DOVERS i could be happy / please ask me why lk. vg, pl. vg+ rare australia press / stol / rw   australia reprise 0439 85
    DOVERS third eye / your love 'third' ex/mint-     usa miramar 123 2850
    ELECTRAS dirty ol' man / courage to cry 'dirty' lk. vg, pl. vg+ 3 x 1 cm tear ol   usa scotty 6351 225
    ELECTRIC PRUNES shadows lk. vg/vg+, pl. vg wlp / flip blank   usa reprise pro 287 3500
    FAINE JADE it ain't true / love on candy apple day 'true' mint- wlp   usa providence 420 225
       FLOWER POWER mt. olympus / trivialities mint-     usa tune-kel 612 150
    FRONT LINE got love / i don't care 'got' ex dh   usa york 45-9000 65
    GREAT SCOTTS ball and chain / run, run for your life 'ball' mint-     usa triumph 66 45
       GUESS WHO believe me / baby feelin' ex to mint- wlp / small warp hardly noticeable   usa scepter 12131 75
    HAMILTON STREETCAR invisible people / flash 'inv.' vg+/ex     usa lhi 17016 150
    HANGMEN what a girl can't do / the girl who faded away 'what' mint-     usa monument 45-910 95
    HAZARDS tinted green / hey little girl 'tinted' vg-/vg     usa unicorn 23793 1095
    HEADHUNTERS times we share / think what you've done mint- new old stock / labels reversed   usa fenton 2518 450
       IDES' psychedelic ride / only your love 'psychedelic' lk. vg, pl. better
'only' lk. vg, pl. vg-
lrw /  'only' pl. clean except 8 clicks between 0:45 to 0:55   usa ken-del 5309 350
    ILLUSIONS i know / take my heart 'know' ex wlp   usa columbia 4-43700 90
       INITIAL SHOCK mind disaster / it's not easy lk. vg+
pl. mint-
vinyl heat marked not affect play   usa b. f. d.  0035/0036 135
       JUJUS you treated me bad / hey little girl 'you' vg+/ex
'hey' ex/mint-
dh   usa fenton 1004 395
    JESTERS OF NEWPORT stormy / where have you been? 'stormy' mint-     usa solo 700 295
       JIMMY WINSTON AND HIS REFLECTIONS sorry she's mine / it's not what you do mint- demo copy   uk decca 12410 750
    JOHN MAYALL AND THE BLUES BREAKERS crawling up the hill / mr. james 'crawling' lk. vg-, pl. vg wol   uk decca 11900 115
    KEN AND THE FOURTH DIMENSION see if i care / rovin heart 'see' vg+ labels reversed   usa star-burst 128 195
    KIT AND THE OUTLAWS don't tread on me / midnight hour 'don't' vg+/ex dh   usa philips 40420 55
    KLUBS i found the sun / ever needed someone 'found' ex label yellowing / wol   uk cam 681 395
    LEMON DROPS i live in the springtime / listen girl 'live' vg+/ex 'live' version without drums etc.   usa rembrandt 5009 275
    LITTLE BITS girl give me love / spoofin' 'girl' lk. vg+/ex, pl mint- a few tiny spots ol   usa tiger eye 101 450
    LOVE INS / HYSTERICS everything's there / that's all she wrote mint-     usa curtis bros 101 195
       LITTLE PHIL AND THE NIGHT SHADOWS the way it used to be / so much 'way' ex
'so much' mint-
    usa dot 45-16912 495
      MARILYN MATTSON he means so much to me / you cheated ex 'cheated' stamp ol   usa allied 101/102  75
       MC 5 / MC5 looking at you / borderline mint-     usa a-square 333 195
       MERE EXISTENCE the world still turns / now vg     usa demo 7007 750
    MERRY DRAGONS universal vagrant / smokey mint- wlp / little lrw   usa abc 45-10838 160
       MIDKNIGHTS pain / why ex to mint-     usa style 2001 125
    MIKE PROCTOR mr. commuter / sunday, sunday, sunday 'mr.' lk. vg/vg+, pl. ex     uk columbia 8254 335
    MILLER baby i got news for you / the girl with the castle 'baby' ex/mint-     uk columbia 7735 550
       MISUNDERSTOOD i unseen / children of the sun 45 lk. vg to vg+
'unseen' pl. vg
'children' pl. vg+
    uk fontana 998 125
    MODULATION CORPORATION what to do / worms 'what' mint-     usa atom 1001 250
    MOUSE AND THE TRAPS beg, brorrow and steal / l.o.v.e. love 'beg' vg+ flip wol   usa fraternity 1000 55
       MUSIC MACHINE mother nature, father earth / advise and consent 'mother' lk./pl. vg
'advise' lk. vg/vg+, pl. ex
promo   usa bell 764 135
       MUSIC MACHINE double yellow line / absolutely positively vg 2 clicks at the very end of 'double'   usa original sound 71 35
       MUSSIES louie go home / 12 o'clock, july 'louie' mint-
'july' ex
    usa fenton 2216 495
    ODDS AND ENDS cause you don't love me / be happy, baby  'cause' vg-
'happy' skips
    usa south bay 102 65
       PAINTED SHIP frustration / i told those little white lies 45 lk. ex, pl. mint- xol   usa mercury 72662 125
       PIECE KOR all i want is my baby back / words of the raven 'all' lk. ex, pl. vg+
'words'  lk. mint-, pl. vg+
both sides play great except a slight hiss at the lead-in grooves due to press flaw   usa laray 2556 27505 2750
    PLASTIC MENAGERIE hold your baby close / tryin' to come back 'hold' vg
'tryin' vg-/vg
'tryin' has two seconds of hiss from 1:16 to 1:18   usa scope 101 995
    PURPLE CANTEEN brains in my feet / if you like it that way 'brains' vg+/ex, pl. mint-     usa alley 1049 225
         QUEST'S i'm tempted / shadows in the night 'tempted' vg/vg+
'shadows' vg+
xol / lrw   usa fenton 2086 650
    REMAINING FEW painted air / in the morning 'painted' very good     usa askel 112 3750
  RENEGADES she's your find / raving blue 'find' lk. ex, pl. mint- fenton sub-label    usa cambridge  225
       SEEDS OF TIME she's been travelin' 'round the world / gina ex to mint- lo-fi recording   usa morgan 9060 550
    SHADES OF NIGHT fluctuation / such a long time 'fluctuation' lk. vg-/vg, pl. vg     usa alamo audio 45-111 1750
    SHADOWS 5 gathers no moss / that little girl 'gathers' mint-     usa tech 4836 495
    SHAYNES from my window / i'll always be 'from' lk. vg, pl. ex wol / sticker residue / lrw   usa pee vee 142 325
    SHY GUYS black lightening light / goodbye to you 'black' vg lrw / needs cleaning   usa m-u 5942 295
    SOUND SANDWICH apothecary dream / zig zag news 'dream' lk. vg+/ex, pl. vg 'dream' pl. clean except 4 clicks after 20 sec.   usa viva 222 95
      SPLIT ENDS rich with nothin' / endless sea 'rich' mint-     usa cfp 4 195
      SUGAR CUBE BLUES BAND my last impression / a hard rains' gonna fall / corinna 'my' lk. vg/vg+, pl. ex moisture stains   usa black crow 100 295
    SUZI JANE HOKOM need all the help i can get / home 'need' lk. vg, pl. ex dj-promo   usa mgm 13563 195
    TEDDY AND HIS PATCHES haight-ashbury /  it ain't nothin' lk. ex, pl. vg+ pl. with little crackling / small sticker residue   usa chance 669 295
    THOSE FIVE sidewalks / challenge of a fantasy man ex     usa paris 117 250
    TIKIS show you love / careful what you say 'show' mint-     usa fujimo 917f-6139 195
       TONY CHURCH AND THE CRUSADE love trip / can you picture yourself mint-     usa tammy 860t-1029 55
    TRESPASSERS living memories / come with me 'living' ex     usa silver seal 1020 150
    UNRELATED SEGMENTS story of my life / it's  unfair ex to mint-     usa hbr 514 80
UNRELATED SEGMENTS where you gonna go vg+ to ex one-of-a-kind metal acetate / dh / 4 hairlines cause 3 ticks at start, otherwise top usa stereo masters co. 275
    UNRELATED SEGMENTS cry, cry, cry / it's not fair 'cry' ex audition copy   usa liberty 56062 595
    UNUSUALS i'm walking, babe / baby it's me vg-     usa panorama 23 795
    VANDALS your love will die / mary 'your' mint-     usa d 381 395
VELVET ILLUSIONS velvet illusions / born to be a rolling stone 'velvet' ex usa metro media 309 350
    VELVET ILLUSIONS acid head / she was the only girl 'acid' ex     usa tell 700 175
       WERP'S love's a fire / shade's of blue mint-     usa wgw 18703 150
    WHAT escape / summertime 'escape' vg little lrw   usa martinack 45-1001 225
       WORLOCKS i love you / stay by her side 'love' mint- one tiny tear ol   usa big rock 512 1495
       YO'S YO'S crack in my wall / the raven mint- yellow promo   usa coral 62501 85
    ZAKARY THAKS can you hear your daddy's footsteps/ mirror of yesterday mint-     usa j-beck 1103 595