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    006 like what, me worry / why can't i stay 'like' lk. vg, pl. vg+
multiple wol / promo copy   usa red bird 10-066 135
    ASCENSIONS all alone / forget it 'all' lk. vg/vg+, pl. vg flipside with ring  wear   usa gemini 100 135
    BALLOON CORPS up in smoke / perfect vision vg promo / glue residue from sticker / 2 clicks before play starts / 3 hard to detect very minor clicks at ca. 1:42 - listen!   usa bell 796 125
    BALLOON FARM a question of temperature / hurtin' for your love 'question' ex/mint- dh   usa laurie 3405 25
    BEAUTIFUL DAZE city jungle part 1 / part 2 mint- promo   usa rpr 101 90
    BECKETT QUINTET no correspondence / baby blue 'no' ex/mint-     usa gemcor 5003 25
    BEL-AIRES ya ha be be / if you love me ex     usa discotheque 1004 250
       BELFAST GIPSIES secret police / gloria's dream 45 lk. vg, pl. ex tiny wol   usa loma 2051 30
    BIG BOY PETE cold turkey /  my love is like a spaceship 'cold' lk. vg, pl. ex
2 x glue residue & a small tear from removed stickers   uk camp 602005 90
    BYRON AND THE MORTALS do you believe me / music 'do' vg+/ex writing in the dead wax   usa xpreshun 2 350
  CARAVELLES lovin' just my style / self-service 'lovin' mint- wlp usa onacrest 502 175
       CARETAKERS OF DECEPTION cuttin' grass / x + y = 13 'cuttin' vg+
'13' vg/vg+
little bit glue around center hole   usa sanctus ss-11 1195
    CATFISH KNIGHT AND THE BLUE EXPRESS deathwise / i can't keep from cryin' 'deathwise' vg+ blue promo   usa verve 10607 90
    CHAIN REACTION when i needed you / the sun 'when' lk. vg+, pl. ex with pre-AEROSMITH Steven Tyler / radio promo   usa date 2-1538 110
    CINDERMEN don't do it some more / true love 'don't' ex/mint- wlp / wol   usa moonglow 5012 60
  CINDY UND BERT der hund von baskerville / holly holy 'hund' vg+ little wol picture cover vg to vg+ germany cornet 3220 150
     CIRKIT yesterday we laughed / i was wrong 'yesterday' ex light label wear at center hole picture cover / vg+ / 2,5 cm left seam split usa unicorn 34941 995
    CLUE bad times / she's the reason 'bad' ex     usa byron 101 295
    COASTLINERS i'll be gone / she's my girl 'gone' ex/mint-     usa back beat 566 50
    CREATION'S DISCIPLE psychedelic retraction / i'll remember 'psychedelic' mint- wlp / minimal warp, hardly noticeable   usa dawn 309 450
    DANNY AND THE SESSIONS mojo / grand times and gay nights 'mojo' lk. vg, pl. ex little lrw   usa cobra 1114 55
    DAYBREAKERS psychedelic siren / afterthoughts mint-     usa dial 45-4066 150
    DEAD ON ARRIVAL run hide get away / mr. crying 45 lk. vg, pl. vg- light lrw on 'run' / 'run' pl. with minor crackling   usa emc 104 65
    DR. T. and the undertakers undertaker's theme / blue, blue feeling vg+ to ex     usa target 101 175
       DRIVING STUPID horror asparagus stories / the reality of fried borsk ex to mint- dh   usa kr kr-0116 125
    EDGE seen through the eyes / something new 'seen' mint-     usa enith 1011 175
    ELECTRAS dirty ol' man / courage to cry 'dirty' lk. vg, pl. vg+ 3 x 1 cm tear ol   usa scotty 6351 225
    EVIL whatcha gonna  do about it / always runnin' around 45 lk. vg-
'whatcha' pl. vg+
flip not tested
    usa living legend 108 70
       EVIL I love conquers all / can't live without you 'love' lk. vg
'live' lk. vg-/vg
45 pl. vg+
    usa bridge society 25-66 895
    FAINE JADE it ain't true / love on candy apple day 'true' mint- wlp   usa providence 420 225
    FLOWER CHILDREN mini-skirt blues / marching lovers 'mini' lk. ex, pl. vg+     usa allied 101 70
    FRONT LINE got love / i don't care 'got' ex/mint- wlp / stamp ol   usa york 45-9000 65
    GENTS if you  don't come back / i'll cry 'if' vg sligth lrw   usa duane 1048 495
    GOLLIWOGS walking on the water / you better get it before it gets you 'walking' mint- wlp   usa scorpio 408 125
       GRAINS OF SAND she needs me / that's when happiness began mint- wlp   usa valiant 736 135
  GREAT IMPOSTERS who do you love / i wanna be your driver 'who' ex
'wanna' mint-
  picture cover ex to mint- usa dad's 6602 120
    GREAT SOCIETY someone to love / free advice 'someone' vg original FIRST version of 'somebody to love' by early JEFFERSON AIRPLANE from 1965! / tiny tear ol   usa northbeach 1001 350
       GUESS WHO believe me / baby feelin' mint- wlp / 2 minimal warps, hardly noticable   usa scepter 12131 75
    HAMILTON STREETCAR invisible people / flash 'inv.' vg+/ex     usa lhi 17016 145
    HANGMEN what a girl can't do / the girl who faded away 'what' mint-     usa monument 45-910 90
    HEADHUNTERS times we share / think what you've done mint- new old stock / labels reversed   usa fenton 2518 450
HEARD poppies / where has my summer gone 'poppies' lk. vg, pl. vg+ usa orlyn 652 995
HEARD stop it baby / laugh with the wind 'stop' lk. vg-/vg
'stop' pl. nice vg+
wol both sides   usa audition 6107 195
HOPPI AND THE BEAU HEEMS when i get home / so hard 'when' ex advance copy   usa laurie 3439 40
       IDES OF MARCH playthings 5 x 5 / life has been so good 'playthings' vg+
'life' lk. vg+, pl. vg-/vg
'life' pl. with light noise in a few places, track lightly pressed off-center / lrw   usa no label 1460 495
       IDES' psychedelic ride / only your love 'ride' lk. vg, pl. better
'only' lk. vg, pl. vg-
lrw /  'only' pl. clean except 8 clicks between 0:45 to 0:55   usa ken-del 5309 350
    JAGUARS it's gonna be alright / i never dream of you 'gonna' mint-     usa skoop 1067 135
    JASON MERRICK AND THE FINDERS i'm not what you are / no love at all 'i'm not' vg sticker removed   usa big sound 14002 295

    JERRY AND JEFF voodoo medicine man / sweet charity 'voodoo' lk. vg+ promo   usa super k 7 175
    JESTERS OF NEWPORT stormy / where have you been? 'stormy' mint-     usa solo 700 275
JOHN MAYALL AND THE BLUES BREAKERS crawling up the hill / mr. james 'crawling' ex     uk decca 11900 250
       JUJUS you treated me bad / hey little girl 'you' vg+/ex
'hey' ex/mint-
dh   usa fenton 1004 375
    JUST LUV valley of hate / good good lovin' 'valley' ex/mint-     usa m-s 216 90
       JUST US hey everybody / stand there ex to mint- aka DAVE STARKY V / BFTG - killer!   usa shazam mr-112 495
    KARE TAKERS have you  seen my baby? / my jane 'have' ex     usa wam 5970 475
    KEN AND THE FOURTH DIMENSION see if i care / rovin heart 'see' vg+/ex labels reversed   usa star-burst 128 195
    KIT AND THE OUTLAWS don't tread on me / midnight hour 'don't' vg+ dh   usa philips 40420 55
    LITTLE BITS girl give me love / spoofin' 'girl' lk. vg+/ex, pl mint- a few tiny spots ol   usa tiger eye 101 425
    LITTLE BOY BLUES the great train robbery / season of the witch vg/vg+ dh / stamp ol   usa ronko 6996 110
       LITTLE PHIL AND THE NIGHT SHADOWS the way it used to be / so much 'way' ex
'so much' mint-
    usa dot 45-16912 475
     LIVIN' END but i'll live / don't let me be misunderstood 45 lk. almost clean vg+
45 pl. vg
45 plays with little crackling / vinyl copy picture cover ex / little wear at opening & edges / tiny dirt spot on front usa kb 3008 295
        LOLLIPOP SHOPPE you must be a witch / don't close the door 'you' vg+
'don't' ex
promo picture cover vg / seam splits: left 6 cm,
bottom 3 cm
usa uni 55050 145
       LOOSE ENZ the black door / easy rider ex to mint- wlp   usa virtue 2502 135

    MAGIC PLANTS i'm a nothing / i know she's waiting there 'nothing' ex promo   usa verve 10377 225
    MARBLE PHROGG love me again / there's a girl 'love' vg-/vg little lrw   usa derrick 8568 175
     MARILYN MATTSON he means so much to me / you cheated 'he' mint- PLUS mint- promo photo from MARILYN in size 9 x 6,5 cm picture cover vg+ / bottom seam split 2 cm usa allied 101/102  235
    MARILYN MATTSON he means so much to me / you cheated 'he' ex 'he' stamp ol   usa allied 101/102  75
       MC 5 / MC5 looking at you / borderline mint-     usa a-square 333 195
       MERE EXISTENCE the world still turns / now vg     usa demo 7007 750
    MIND'S EYE help, i'm lost / - 'lost' vg one-sided promo copy   usa jox 058 450
    MISTERS' VIRTUE summer night / i'm captured 45 lk. ex to mint- multiple wol / tiny black spots ol   usa vector 211 250
    MODULATION CORPORATION what to do / worms 'what' mint-     usa atom 1001 250
       MYSTIC FIVE are you for real girl ? / i'm gonna love you too 'are' mint-
'gonna' ex
    usa go-go 26000 195
    MYSTIC TIDE mystic eyes / i  search for a new love 45 lk. vg+ to ex scratched xol   usa esquire ub 719/720 325
       PAINTED SHIP frustration / i told those little white lies 45 lk. ex, pl. mint- xol   usa mercury 72662 125
    PANDORA'S BOX little girl / i can offer mint- 'can' wol / minimal warp hardly noticeable   usa mark VII 195
    PHOXXE look at me / i'm lost mint- minimal warp, hardly noticeable   usa butter-fly 001 275 
    PIRATES cuttin' out / naughty girl vg+ dj-copy   usa back stage 5001 475
    PSYCHOTRONS death is a dream / unchained melody 'death' vg/vg+ seldom played copy / almost clean surface, but a few needle scratches / sticker + stamp on label   usa bcp-3821 2500
    PURPLE CANTEEN brains in my feet / if you like it that way 'brains' ex     usa alley 1049 225
    RENEGADES she's your find / raving blue 'find' lk. ex, pl. mint- fenton sub-label    usa cambridge  195
    SATORI time machine / 1000 nights 'time' ex     usa steffek 621 1995
    SATYRS yesterday's hero / marie 'hero' vg  lrw   usa spectrum 2668 295
       SEEDS OF TIME she's been travelin' 'round the world / gina ex to mint- lo-fi recording   usa morgan 9060 495
    SHADOWS 5 gathers no moss / that little girl 'gathers' mint-     usa tech 4836 475
    SHAG stop and listen / melissa 'stop' vg+     usa capitol 5995 80
    SOCIETY'S CHILDREN mister genie man / slippin' away mint-     usa cha cha 775 195
       SONS OF ADAM feathered fish / baby show the world ex to mint-     usa alamo 5473 450
        SOOTHSAYERS please, don't be mad / i don't know ex/mint- new old stock / slight dishwarp / 45 pl. with little crackling at lead-in & -out picture cover ex to mint- / yellowing usa acropolis 6601 30

    SPARKLES no friend of mine / first forget 'no' lk. vg/vg+, pl. ex wlp / 'first' little number sticker   usa hickory 1443 225

    STEVE CARPENTER am i lost / sweet talk 'am' ex lead-in & -out with little crackling   usa impex 368 165
    STOICS hate / enough of what i need good multiple scratches / label wear / vinyl copy, not styrene / 45 tracks at 2 grams   usa brams 101 550
    SUZI JANE HOKOM need all the help i can get / home 'need' lk. vg, pl. ex dj-promo   usa mgm 13563 195
       SYNDICATS maybellene / true to me ex to mint- factory sample sticker ol   uk columbia 7238 195
    TEDDY AND HIS PATCHES haight-ashbury /  it ain't nothin' lk. ex, pl. vg+ pl. with little crackling / small sticker residue   usa chance 669 275
    THURSDAYS' CHILDREN air-conditioned man / dominoes 'air' lk. vg-, pl. vg tiny tear + small wear around center hole on label   usa international artists 110 1200
    TIKIS show you love / careful what you say 'show' mint-     usa fujimo 917f-6139 195
      TONY CHURCH AND THE CRUSADE love trip / can you picture yourself mint-     usa tammy 860t-1029 50

    TULU BABIES hurtin kind / mine forever 'hurtin' lk. vg+, pl. mint- 'hurtin' light lrw   usa tema 817t-5309 250
    UPRISERS let me take you down / nine to five 'let' ex
'nine' vg+
    usa swingtown 791 195
    VANDALS your love will die / mary 'your' mint-     usa d 381 350
  VELVET ILLUSIONS velvet illusions / born to be a rolling stone 'velvet' ex usa metro media 309 350
    VELVET ILLUSIONS acid head / she was the only girl 'acid' ex     usa tell 700 175
    VESTELLS won't you tell me / please walk away 'won't' ex     usa bo jo 001 80

    WE THE PEOPLE in the past /  st. john's shop 'in' lk. ex to mint-
'in' pl. vg- to vg
wlp /  little hiss due to styrene   usa challenge 59351 225
       YO'S YO'S crack in my wall / the raven mint- yellow promo   usa coral 62501 80
    ZOMBIES what more can i do / tell her no ex     uk decca 12072 40